A special little house, made out of cardboard. Sustainably built to last. And suits all your needs.


Wikkelhouse is what you get when an everyday material finds a groundbreaking purpose. Using cardboard as its main building material, Wikkelhouse is a cutting-edge sustainable house with a beautiful design and exceptional constructive strength.


Four years of research and development has led to a pioneering construction technology that involves a unique rotating house-shaped mould. Layer after layer of top-quality cardboard is wrapped around the mould. With eco-friendly superglue the layers, 24 in total, are bonded together. The result is an incredibly robust sandwich structure with optimal insulation qualities. Wikkelen is Dutch for wrapping, hence: Wikkelhouse.

A house for you.

A one-of-a-kind holiday home, guest house or office space – Wikkelhouse can be whatever you want it to be. With its friendly design and premium finishings, Wikkelhouse brings comfort in many ways. Even its acoustics are unequalled.


Wikkelhouse is made up of 1.2 meter deep segments that can easily be connected and disconnected. The modular setup makes the house highly flexible. Add extra segments for extra meters. Create your own floorplan. Change it later. Truly anything goes.

Coffee anyone?

Would you like a kitchen in your Wikkelhouse? A bathroom? A shower? Include our smart Home-segment to your Wikkelhouse layout and you’re set for life.


Each Wikkelhouse is tailor-made by our specialized craftsmen. Extra windows, different finishings or your own color scheme – tell us your ideas and make Wikkelhouse even more to your liking.


Since Wikkelhouse is sustainably produced and made of materials that have minimal impact on the environment, it is 3x more eco-friendly than traditional housing. Moreover, the segments can be reused over and over again and are 100% recyclable.

Placed in a day.

Your Wikkelhouse is built in our workshop in Amsterdam. When ready, the segments are transported to the location of your choice and connected on the spot. It just takes a day to place your Wikkelhouse.

Ultra light.

With a weight of only 500 kilos per segment, Wikkelhouse doesn’t need a foundation and can be placed anywhere you want your Wikkelhouse to be. On the beachside, in your backyard or even on a rooftop. Looking for a change of scenery? Just move the house to a different spot.


Each Wikkelhouse is finished with waterproof but breathable foil and wood panelling to protect it from all weather conditions. Wikkelhouse is here to last you a lifetime.





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Stayokay Dordrecht

On the edge of the Biesbosch, one of Holland’s largest nature reserves, you will find a Stayokay campsite. The non profit hostel organization provides a retreat for self-catering holiday lets, featuring two Wikkelhouses and many more to come.

Hoxton Rooftop Venue

Hoxton Docks is a canal side venue in the heart of London’s creative hub. On the rooftop of this former coal storage facility we placed a Wikkelhouse that is used for parties, photo shoots and corporate events. Check the video for drone views.

Stayokay Apeldoorn

Another collaboration with Stayokay, at another national park location: De Hoge Veluwe. We placed two fully equiped Wikkelhouses amidst the woods and the natural wildlife, offering a rustic holiday experience.

Almere Bouwexpo

Almere is Holland’s fastest growing city and a global pioneer in spatial planning. The city’s Bouwexpo Tiny Housing experiment accommodates small households with compact and sustainable housing. The first resident recently moved into her Wikkelhouse.

London Amber Lakes

This is the first Wikkelhouse that is placed around Amber Lakes, a nature reserve close to London. The Amber Lakes Wikkelhouse is available for corporate events and self-catering holiday lets.

Amsterdam University Classroom

School doesn’t get any better than this. On the premises of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences you will find a Wikkelhouse that quite literally serves as an out-of-the-box classroom.

Rotterdam Red Apple Marina

In the most central and idyllic marina of Rotterdam, a few steps from Station Blaak and the Markthal, you can find the world’s first Wikkelboat. It floats! Wikkelboat has two outdoor patios and all the facilities for a phenomenal overnight stay.

Dorset, UK

In the very heart of Lyme Regis Area, known as the Pearl of Dorset, we assembled a Wikkelhouse Art Studio. Overlooking the landscape, nothing will stop you from being creative.

Amsterdam Boutique Office

In the heart of Amsterdam’s business district, OVG real estate is developing a hi-tech and energy neutral office named the Boutique Office. During the build, Wikkelhouse serves as an appropriate meeting hub for this innovative project.

How much does a Wikkelhouse cost?

Since Wikkelhouse is a modular concept the price is based on the configuration of segments needed. You can purchase a Wikkelhouse from EUR 30.000,- (based on 3 segments and excluding transport and placement).

Can I cook a good meal in my Wikkelhouse? Take a shower? Go to the bathroom?

Yes, yes and yes. Simply add a smart ‘Home’-segment to your Wikkelhouse design. This segment holds all domestic installations and offers you a kitchen, shower and bathroom.

What is the size of a Wikkelhouse?

You can make your Wikkelhouse as big as you want, but one segment is 5 m2 (length: 4,5 meters / width: 1,2 meters / height: 3,5 meters).

Is Wikkelhouse available worldwide?

Unfortunately not. We deliver Wikkelhouse in the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, France, UK and Scandinavian. And we plan to keep it that way throughout 2018. Patience is a virtue.

Why a waiting list?

We are incredibly grateful for the big demand for Wikkelhouse. However, we currently only build twenty houses each year to make sure you get the quality you deserve. But we are worth the wait!

How can I participate in Wikkelhouse?

You can not. We handle all sales, marketing and business activities from our office in Amsterdam. We are a young company that believes in controlled business development with a personal touch. This is our way of ensuring quality and durability of the Wikkelhouses we develop and deliver.

Please contact press@wikkelhouse.com for any press related questions.

Would you like to see Wikkelhouse for yourself? Then make an appointment to visit one of our open days.

Do you have questions, suggestions, needs or ideas?

Wikkelhouse is designed and developed by the good people of Fiction Factory, a company of creative makers from Amsterdam.

Since 1989 we build exceptional interiors, fair stands and furniture for a worldwide audience.

And now we make houses too. Because we want to. And because we can.

For more information on Fiction Factory please visit www.fictionfactory.nl.