Since 2016 we are known as the people that brought you Wikkelhouse – a handsome sustainable cardboard house. But truth is, we actually have been making stuff since 1989.

Fiction Factory is the mother company of Wikkelhouse, and Fiction Factory is known for building all sorts of sets and interiors. For theater groups, trade fairs and museums mostly. We work hard, very hard – but in our spare time we always found time to make other things in our workshop. A nice chair, lamp, table or a crazy bike. For our homes. And for our friends’ homes.

When we launched Wikkelhouse it was by far our biggest spare time project ever. Not a chair, not a lamp, not a bike – we made a house, an actual house. Wikkelhouse was an instant success and we received requests from all over the world. In 2018 one of our customers asked if we could maybe furnish his Wikkelhouse. We said yes, because we already had made nice chairs, lamps and tables (and a crazy bike) before. Well, long story short: the first furnished Wikkelhouse worked out really nicely. And then we realized that somehow, along the way, after hours, we had created a furniture line. A stylish, functional, sustainable and unorthodox furniture line. A Wikkelhouse furniture line!

And now there’s a Wikkelhouse webshop. With furniture that looks good in a Wikkelhouse. Or any other house for that matter. Hurray for spare time projects!